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Who is "I Am Woman Foundation Ltd."?

I Am Woman Foundation Ltd. is comprised of a body of innovative and exciting women which is comprised of certified counselors, lawyers, doctors, and a host of other professionals that are eager to serve.

I Am Woman Foundation Ltd. was founded on April 19, 2011 by Rev. Wendy Minott, Pastor of Restored Life Worship Centre (RLWC), along with Co- Founders Mr. Jamaal Minott and Mrs. Marvia Robinson and her father Errol Robinson (now deceased).

Our Mission

"Changing Lives.... One Woman at a time!"

Our Vision

Is to offer strong support that focuses on the total well being of Women and their families & to make a significant difference to community development.

Our Objectives

  • To provide programs that’s builds skills, Businesses and enhance Education
  • To supply basic needs through Financing/Distribution of Food/Household Materials
  • To provide Advisory Services
  • To provide educational materials for the financially challenged children especially persons attending schools
  • To improve the quality of life through spiritual upliftment
  • To promote the Physical, Emotional, and Social well-being of Women/Men and their Families
  • To identify and seek to empower abused Women and girls in communities through increased knowledge and skills training for self and economic empowerment
  • To set up and provide Youth Programs
  • To provide Counseling: Family/Crisis
  • To establish schools feeding Programs in schools
  • To provide Computer training
  • To provide support group for Crisis
  • To establish Community out-reach Programs

Our Purpose

The Foundation was conceptualized to assist in the Healing and Empowerment process of both women & men along with their families who are:

  • Hurting
  • being or have been abused
  • divorced
  • lonely
  • abandoned
  • battered
  • discouraged
  • jobless
  • unskilled
  • uneducated and
  • facing challenges

We also provide support to troubled girls who have dropped out of schools and are facing difficulties in continuing their education. We seek to assist them through the following medium: Counseling, Education, Motivation, Youth programs, Scholarships, and Mentorship.

The Organization’s aim is to achieve this in a holistic way; through counseling, motivation, and mentorship. 

The organization is also designed to help women/ girls and other individuals become better parents, family members, companions, and friends and by enlarge becoming productive and successful members of our society.

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